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“I have known Bibi Wintersdorf for 30 years, beginning with her excellent work for the Luxembourg Government, in particular as the very dynamic go to person at the Luxembourg Embassy in Germany. She has been the discreet engine behind many official visits to German Government entities, cities and companies where I have accompanied the Crown Prince of Luxembourg. Bibi was also the reliable solution for helping people with specific economic and cultural projects in Germany. I have seen her over the years amassing a wealth of experience and knowledge in communication and public affairs work, and people love to work with her. I take great pleasure in seeing her being so successful, and would recommend her broad talents to anyone with a need to effectively communicate."

Egide Thein, Chairman, Truth Technologies and Information Technology and Services Consultant (former Consul General of Lux. in NY and Chief of Staff (ADC) to Crown Prince Henri of Luxembourg)

“Bibi is not only a highly professional and committed person in many domains of culture, she is also extremely patient in the research work she does for her different publications on Luxembourg and its social and cultural history. I would like to recommend her leadership competence and coaching skills, as well as her expertise in the different fields of communication."

Guy Dockendorf, former director general of the Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg (1989-2010) and former chairman of the board of "Luxembourg and Greater Region, European Capital of Culture, 2007"

"Have to say that I will always be grateful to the friend that introduced me to Bibi. Her exceptional quality character along with her extensive media and communication experience makes her a very valuable advisor and team player. She always takes care of the task, with professional pride, integrity and trustworthiness. She is a very creative and hardworking person that I truly appreciate having been introduced to many years ago."

Didrik Eiriks, Founder & CEO GenCreo S.A., Luxembourg​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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